What is this ATX power supply rating?

Thomas came across this Thermal Master TM-350-PMSR ATX power supply:

350 watts? Yeah right! The mangled English grammar does nothing to instill confidence as well.

Maximum output power is given as 350W but if we add up all of the individual output power ratings we get this:

 12V x 10A  = 120W
  5V x 14A  = 70W
3.3V x 14A  = 46.2W
 -5V x 0.5A = 2.5W
-12V x 0.5A = 6W
  5V x 2A   = 10W (standby)
Total       = 254.7W

Is it a mistake? Is it false advertising?

Turns out that there is a post on the forum at badcaps.net about these power supplies and it is only a 250W power supply.

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