This week is Techweek, an annual talkfest here in New Zealand about the future of technology.  But there is something that they are not talking about.  I’ll jabber on a bit before making my point.

I like technology. Especially electronics. I have been playing with it and fixing it for a long time.  I find it all really interesting.

Unfortunately most technology has a dark side.  In the case of e-technology one of the problems is getting the stuff recycled.  It is changing at a great rate of knots and so the older stuff gets chucked out.  It is not surprising that it is a big part of the rubbish going to the landfill.

There are some interesting things happening in labs around the world that may fix the e-waste problem but that it going to take a while.  In the meantime we have to process all of the e-junk in an environmentally friendly way.

So I would like to ask the Techweek organisers why they have not included any items on e-waste in their programme?

Maybe next year?

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Alan Liefting is the founder, a shareholder, and the Managing Director of Ecotech Services. The views expressed here are his own and do not necessarily represent those of Ecotech Services Ltd.
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