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Good on you Dell

We get a lot of brand new monitor stands in for recycling.  It seems that companies buy monitors and stick them straight on to monitor arms.  I was thinking that the manufacturers should sell the monitors without stands.  This would … Continue reading

Carpet downcycling and hot water cylinders

We had a hot water cylinder come in for recycling.  It is not something that we have had before but I knew that they have valuable copper as the actual cylinder.   It was pulled out of a house because it … Continue reading

McDonald’s Princess Bubblegum Happymeal toy and e-waste

This is a packet from a McDonald’s Princess Bubblegum Happymeal toy: It had blown off the street into our driveway. The bag is made in China, the contents are made in Vietnam, and it is distributed in New Zealand and … Continue reading

Climate change and e-waste

The COP21 climate change conference is currently in progress.  While the major focus of climate change is around the use of fossil fuels there are other aspects that are drivers of climate change. One of these is waste. Ecotech Services … Continue reading

Zero waste – yes or no?

So what is happening here? Does the Mackenzie District Council have a zero waste strategy or not? And is Transit New Zealand supporting it or not? I took this photo earlier this year at the Mount Cook information centre on … Continue reading