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A missing screw

A Philips 42TA2800 LCD TV came in for recycling. “It works” the customer said, “It is just the power switch.” The actual plastic power switch actuator was missing and you could see that the power switch circuit board was just … Continue reading

A lot of packaging for a small screw

I was sorting a consignment of recycling in one of our e-crates when I came across this: So here we have an M2x3 mm screw with part number DP/N OHCN8P or SG-OHCN8P-M0287-27C-1TRF REV A00. And it is quite a lot … Continue reading

I’ve done a lot of screwing

I’ll probably get in trouble with everyone about the title of this post but at least it got your attention. Anyway, as a technician I do a lot of screwing (we are only talking about screwdrivers here ok) so having … Continue reading


Don’t you hate it when no matter how many screwdriver bit sets you have you will still come across a screw for which you don’t have a bit? And don’t you hate it that the sets come with tri-point but … Continue reading