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More spam for a scam

This scam arrived in my inbox: (spam links removed) Hi My name is Prof. Dr. Richard Goran, “Gentlemen, finance me and help me improve this and all the planet will afford energy”. Here’s what 71 year old Dustin Grey from … Continue reading

Fossil fuels

Here at Ecotech Services we pride ourselves in limiting the use of non-renewable resources.  The big one of course is fossil fuels, particularly petroleum, so when I got a spam email inviting me to invest in a petroleum project I … Continue reading

White van speaker scam

E-waste is a really big problem at the best of times but it becomes a bigger problem because of some of the absolute rubbish that passes itself off as electronics equipment. This rubbish being sold would have really poor performance … Continue reading

Nanotechnology based battery extenders

Ecotech Services was alerted to a product on the market that claims to extend the life of batteries used in common electronic items.  This particular one is the AkkuFresh Nanotech Battery Life Foil.  The benefits described in the sales pitch … Continue reading