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Electrical appliance safety testing

Ecotech Services now offers electrical safety testing (test and tag) for plug in appliances both on site and delivered to our workshop.  This is a logical extension to the work that we have been doing to date. Alan Liefting, the … Continue reading

It is hard to do but don’t do it

Check out these 300mm long cables that came out of some gear that we recycled! I managed, with some difficulty, to get three tight coils out of  it.  The label is a complete waste of time, and I think some … Continue reading

Not impressed with you Acer

Now look here Acer.  I usually like your products.  They are generally pretty well made (we’ll overlook that case in the late 1990s where the edge connectors in one of your laptops had insufficient gold plating causing a fault common … Continue reading

Will the new safety laws do anything?

This is a previously unpublished article that was submitted to news organisations. In April the Health and Safety at Work Act will come into effect and it will be the first major change to workplace safety legislation in over twenty … Continue reading

Health and Safety Reform Bill

Ecotech Services welcomes the news that the Health and Safety Reform Bill has been amended by removing the requirement for a health and safety committee for organisations with less than 20 people.  This is a positive move for small businesses who … Continue reading

Electrical safety and appliance refurbishment

Any new or used appliance that is sold or supplied in New Zealand must conform to the relevant legislation, which in this case is the Electrical (Safety) Regulations 2010.  Ecotech Services carries out refurbishment of appliances that have been discarded … Continue reading

Lamp sockets and electrical safety

I have just done my electrical safety refresher course and when I was changing yet another blown light bulb in our house I began thinking about the safety of the actual sockets. All sorts of work, backed up by regulations, … Continue reading

Human safety versus environmental protection

There is a huge amount of electrical safety regulation here in New Zealand and this sharply contrasts with the total lack of environmental regulations for the same equipment. Any electrical products used in New Zealand need to pass a set … Continue reading

Cheap and dangerous rubbish

While browsing my filing system (also known as the office floor) I came across a news item from 2013 about a real dodgy Chinese knockoff of the Apple iPhone chargers.  A Chinese women was electrocuted when she answered her Apple … Continue reading

Electrical safety testing

I had two cases last week were the electrical safety regulations failed in their intended purpose for two different reasons. An item came in for repair which powered up but did not operate.  It had a current AS/NZS 3760 test and … Continue reading