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Rubbish manufacturing

Had a no name brand battery charger come in for recycling.  I set it up on the bench to test it.  It powered up but after a bit it turned off.  I took the thing apart.  Pretty easy to do.  … Continue reading

Bad design on a Megger MIT220

I had a Megger MIT220 meter come in for repair from Dells Appliances, our related company.  It was not giving a reading.  It was an easy fix. The wire had broken of the test lead terminal inside the meter. After … Continue reading

Spare parts suppliers

The electronics repair industry in New Zealand has been in decline for the past two or three decades for various reasons including  the flood of cheap commodity goods, poor support from the manufacturers, and rapidly changing technology. One indication of … Continue reading

A throwaway society

We really are in a throwaway society.  We have  been calling it that since the 1950s and all of this technology of ours is an increasing part of the throwaway society. I had a Canon PIXMA MG2960 ink jet printer/scanner … Continue reading

A missing screw

A Philips 42TA2800 LCD TV came in for recycling. “It works” the customer said, “It is just the power switch.” The actual plastic power switch actuator was missing and you could see that the power switch circuit board was just … Continue reading

Whirlpool and obsolescence

A Whirlpool VT256/SL microwave oven came in for recycling this week that looked like a good candidate for refurbishment.  It was dead. It had a blown fuse and a shorted high voltage capacitor in the voltage doubler circuit.   So I … Continue reading

Ubuntu and laptops

For a few years now I have been running Ubuntu 14.0.0 on an old Toshiba Satellite A100 laptop (from the Microsoft Windows XP era).  It was sort of as an experiment but it was also because I like to keep … Continue reading

Repair technicians’ creed

Repair technicians should follow a code of ethics and the statements below, as defined by iFixit, is how we run our business. We promise to always observe the following: Honesty in Business We are honest in business dealings. Our contracts, … Continue reading

Repairs – hard work but a good idea

Kathmandu, a New Zealand based outdoor equipment supply company, made it to the news when employees from one of their stores were observed slashing sleeping bags and other products before throwing them in a rubbish skip.  The company said they … Continue reading


This photo shows what a power surge can do. The fuse in this microwave oven absorbed so much energy that the end cap of it completely vapourised and shunted it along the fuse holder. The body of the ceramic fuse … Continue reading