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Peter’s homemade e-bike

Check out Peter’s homemade e-bike.The battery pack housing is from a recycled NZ Post e-bike battery that Peter repacked with recycled 18650 cells.  The battery pack housing and the 18650s are from us here at Ecotech Services.  Peter sourced the … Continue reading

TiVo recycling

The TiVo service is shutting down as of 31 October 2017.  It is unfortunate that that TiVo has only been in New Zealand for such a short time making the set top boxes redundant. If you have a CASPA wallet … Continue reading

Battery recycling in Lincoln

In what may be a first for a supermarket in New Zealand, the Lincoln New World now offers a battery recycling service.  The scheme is an initiative of Lincoln Envirotown and has funding from the Sustainable Initiatives Fund (SIFT).  Dave … Continue reading

A throwaway society

We really are in a throwaway society.  We have  been calling it that since the 1950s and all of this technology of ours is an increasing part of the throwaway society. I had a Canon PIXMA MG2960 ink jet printer/scanner … Continue reading

Ecotech Services is now a secondhand dealer

We have been notified today that as of 13 September 2016 Ecotech Services Ltd is a licensed Secondhand Dealer and Alan Liefting has a Secondhand Dealers certificate. Ecotech Services Ltd license number: 16-034091 Alan Lieftings’ certificate number: 16-034092 Details are … Continue reading

Carpet downcycling and hot water cylinders

We had a hot water cylinder come in for recycling.  It is not something that we have had before but I knew that they have valuable copper as the actual cylinder.   It was pulled out of a house because it … Continue reading

Poor quality Ozito cordless drill charger

An Ozito OZCD12V1A cordless drill came in to us for recycling and it looked like it had hardly been used.  Rather than recycling it I thought it might be a good candidate for repurposing or rehashing with different batteries. On … Continue reading

E-waste and e-scrap

Here at Ecotech Services we have blogged a lot about e-waste and we have got some info pages about it.  Our mission is actually to turn all e-waste into e-scrap.  E-scrap is the stuff that is recycled and e-waste goes … Continue reading

Robots and e-waste

Robots are used a lot in manufacturing and I have been thinking about using them for e-waste processing.  In most cases it is not a goer because set up costs are too high and the volumes are too small, but … Continue reading