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Whirlpool and obsolescence

A Whirlpool VT256/SL microwave oven came in for recycling this week that looked like a good candidate for refurbishment.  It was dead. It had a blown fuse and a shorted high voltage capacitor in the voltage doubler circuit.   So I … Continue reading


This photo shows what a power surge can do. The fuse in this microwave oven absorbed so much energy that the end cap of it completely vapourised and shunted it along the fuse holder. The body of the ceramic fuse … Continue reading

Patently obvious

I was doing some searching on the internet for images of microwave oven parts when good old Google offered up this patent in amongst the search results. It was a patent for a method of wiring up microwave ovens filed … Continue reading

Don’t snort your crushed microwave oven

NOTE: Some information contained in this post is incorrect. See the comments for further information. Here is a little bit of advice.  If your microwave oven is crushed into a pile of dust and shredded metal you should not snort … Continue reading