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Moore’s Law for corporate computer repair

Given the amount of stuff coming through for recycling from our corporate clients this pretty much sums it up.   Save

Patently obvious

I was doing some searching on the internet for images of microwave oven parts when good old Google offered up this patent in amongst the search results. It was a patent for a method of wiring up microwave ovens filed … Continue reading

I’ve done a lot of screwing

I’ll probably get in trouble with everyone about the title of this post but at least it got your attention. Anyway, as a technician I do a lot of screwing (we are only talking about screwdrivers here ok) so having … Continue reading

Plastics and change

And boy, just how things have changed! Like a lot of good cartoons this one speaks volumes.  It highlights societal change over generations.  It shows the increasing environmental awareness amongst the younger generation.  It shows the cycle from new product … Continue reading

Exposure of pregnant women

The title will probably raise another “what on earth has this got to do with Ecotech Services” question so let me explain. I was doing a bit of research on manganese dioxide, one of the materials in alkaline batteries, when … Continue reading

E-waste and volcanoes

Here is another cartoon from Alex Hallatt’s Arctic Circle that is related to the work we do.

More spam for a scam

This scam arrived in my inbox: (spam links removed) Hi My name is Prof. Dr. Richard Goran, “Gentlemen, finance me and help me improve this and all the planet will afford energy”. Here’s what 71 year old Dustin Grey from … Continue reading

Fossil fuels

Here at Ecotech Services we pride ourselves in limiting the use of non-renewable resources.  The big one of course is fossil fuels, particularly petroleum, so when I got a spam email inviting me to invest in a petroleum project I … Continue reading

Lost in translation

I came across this sticker on a no name piece of rubbish masquerading as weigh scales. I am pretty sure that the sticker is supposed to say “Warranty void if removed”.  Not only is the English complete nonsense but there … Continue reading


Don’t you hate it when no matter how many screwdriver bit sets you have you will still come across a screw for which you don’t have a bit? And don’t you hate it that the sets come with tri-point but … Continue reading