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Rubbish manufacturing

Had a no name brand battery charger come in for recycling.  I set it up on the bench to test it.  It powered up but after a bit it turned off.  I took the thing apart.  Pretty easy to do.  … Continue reading

Spare parts suppliers

The electronics repair industry in New Zealand has been in decline for the past two or three decades for various reasons including  the flood of cheap commodity goods, poor support from the manufacturers, and rapidly changing technology. One indication of … Continue reading

A missing screw

A Philips 42TA2800 LCD TV came in for recycling. “It works” the customer said, “It is just the power switch.” The actual plastic power switch actuator was missing and you could see that the power switch circuit board was just … Continue reading

It would be irresponsible not to!

I was reading the sales blurb for the ASUS Vivobook X556UQ and one of the things that is announced as a really cool thing is the short circuit protection for the battery.  I had to laugh! It would be really … Continue reading

Ubuntu and laptops

For a few years now I have been running Ubuntu 14.0.0 on an old Toshiba Satellite A100 laptop (from the Microsoft Windows XP era).  It was sort of as an experiment but it was also because I like to keep … Continue reading

Brexit and green electronics

In a referendum on 23 June 2016 the voting public of the UK chose to leave the EU with 52% wanting to leave and 48% wanting to remain.  This will possibly have implications on addressing the many negative environmental and … Continue reading

Poor quality Ozito cordless drill charger

An Ozito OZCD12V1A cordless drill came in to us for recycling and it looked like it had hardly been used.  Rather than recycling it I thought it might be a good candidate for repurposing or rehashing with different batteries. On … Continue reading


This photo shows what a power surge can do. The fuse in this microwave oven absorbed so much energy that the end cap of it completely vapourised and shunted it along the fuse holder. The body of the ceramic fuse … Continue reading

Repurposing – a good idea but usually too expensive?

Here at Ecotech Services we like the idea of repurposing stuff as a way of stopping it going to the landfill but it seems that in most cases it is not something that makes us any money.  For example take … Continue reading

Dodgy diodes

Here is a story for all you electronics techs.  And anyone making assumptions.  Most of us in other words. This is about a caddy type welder that came in for repair, a 180 amp inverter model. Can’t remember the make … Continue reading