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A waste of time

These brand new mains cables came in for recycling. Not only was it a waste of time test and tagging brand new cables but they ended up with us for recycling. We get hundreds of these cables both new and … Continue reading

Electrical tape and extension cords

This cable came in as part of a whole bunch of other stuff from an IT company. Not sure why someone would want to make one of these.  The mains plug to IEC connector is pretty easy to get hold … Continue reading

Water and electricity

This is one of the reasons why this type of mains plug should not be used in wet areas. It had arced between phase, neutral, and earth when wet, which carbonised the plastic of the plug. The other reason is … Continue reading

A real dodgy modification

I came across this real dodgy modification. This plug board came in for recycling. The original cord has been replaced with one that has no earth. Also, the replacement cable is the older two core type without an outer sheath. … Continue reading

Electrical appliance safety testing

Ecotech Services now offers electrical safety testing (test and tag) for plug in appliances both on site and delivered to our workshop.  This is a logical extension to the work that we have been doing to date. Alan Liefting, the … Continue reading

It is hard to do but don’t do it

Check out these 300mm long cables that came out of some gear that we recycled! I managed, with some difficulty, to get three tight coils out of  it.  The label is a complete waste of time, and I think some … Continue reading

Lamp sockets and electrical safety

I have just done my electrical safety refresher course and when I was changing yet another blown light bulb in our house I began thinking about the safety of the actual sockets. All sorts of work, backed up by regulations, … Continue reading


I came across this interesting and comprehensive website all about electrical plugs: Museum of Plugs and Sockets: Overview World map with links to photos and detailed descriptions of various types of domestic plugs and sockets. Being in the electrical and … Continue reading