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Electrical appliance safety testing

Ecotech Services now offers electrical safety testing (test and tag) for plug in appliances both on site and delivered to our workshop.  This is a logical extension to the work that we have been doing to date. Alan Liefting, the … Continue reading

It is hard to do but don’t do it

Check out these 300mm long cables that came out of some gear that we recycled! I managed, with some difficulty, to get three tight coils out of  it.  The label is a complete waste of time, and I think some … Continue reading

Lamp sockets and electrical safety

I have just done my electrical safety refresher course and when I was changing yet another blown light bulb in our house I began thinking about the safety of the actual sockets. All sorts of work, backed up by regulations, … Continue reading


I came across this interesting and comprehensive website all about electrical plugs: Museum of Plugs and Sockets: Overview World map with links to photos and detailed descriptions of various types of domestic plugs and sockets. Being in the electrical and … Continue reading