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Sustainable Business Network membership

Ecotech Services has now joined the Sustainable Business Network.  As a company that is  addressing the environmental effects of e-technology we want be a part of a network of like minded businesses.  SBN gives us this opportunity along with a … Continue reading

Community Recycling Network membership

Ecotech Services is pleased to have been accepted as an associate member of the Community Recycling Network  (CRN).  Both Ecotech Services and CRN are working towards the goal of zero waste to landfill but while CRN has a broad mandate … Continue reading

New employee – Angus Phillips

Ecotech Services welcomes Angus Phillips as a new employee on a part time basis.  Angus is employed primarily as a computer technician but will help out with some of the many other tasks that need doing. Angus is self taught … Continue reading

Ecotech Services is now a secondhand dealer

We have been notified today that as of 13 September 2016 Ecotech Services Ltd is a licensed Secondhand Dealer and Alan Liefting has a Secondhand Dealers certificate. Ecotech Services Ltd license number: 16-034091 Alan Lieftings’ certificate number: 16-034092 Details are … Continue reading

Repair technicians’ creed

Repair technicians should follow a code of ethics and the statements below, as defined by iFixit, is how we run our business. We promise to always observe the following: Honesty in Business We are honest in business dealings. Our contracts, … Continue reading

Health and Safety Reform Bill

Ecotech Services welcomes the news that the Health and Safety Reform Bill has been amended by removing the requirement for a health and safety committee for organisations with less than 20 people.  This is a positive move for small businesses who … Continue reading

Isn’t the internet wonderful

With all of this electronics and computer technology we have got things really good. My toaster pops up when the toast is done just right.  I can video Skype my mates on the other side of the world for free. … Continue reading

Ecotech Services is now registered as a company

As of June 16, 2015 Ecotech Services became incorporated as a company rather than being a sole trader.  This gives our expanding business a number of advantages including the ability for interested parties to invest in the company.  Being a … Continue reading

Envirostep evaluation report

Ecotech Services has answered the Envirostep questionnaire to determine how good our environmental performance is ranked.  Interestingly, although we are aware of the various environmental issues facing our society (and indeed the planet) and we take our environmental protection measures … Continue reading

Submission on priority products intervention

Ecotech Services has made a submission on the Ministry for the Environment Priority waste streams for product stewardship intervention discussion document. Given the level of harm created by e-waste and the potential for economic growth from the repair, refurbishment, and … Continue reading