St Martins Cubs learn about e-waste

Ecotech Services occasionally gives equipment to groups and individuals to dismantle to foster education about technology and the environment.  We recently gave some equipment to the St Martins Scout group.  Here is a report and photo from Alex Head, the St Martins Scout Group Cub Leader.

The St Martins Cubs group were excited to learn about electronics while disassembling electrical goods including speakers, computers, DVD drives and more. The cub group comprised of 50 children aged between 8-11 years of age, who over two separate nights, took apart and sorted the electronics and computers into five different components, cables, circuit boards, plastics and non ferrous and ferrous metals.

The children, under supervision by the St Martins Cub leaders loved the challenge of discovery, working together in their Sixers groups, they solved the puzzle of how to undo and take apart the goods, and delighted in the exploration of circuits boards and the gold and silver within.

The educational aspects included learning about the different metals, ferrous and non ferrous, where circuit boards go to be recycled and understanding the role we can all play in environmental protection by correctly repairing or repurposing and disposing of electrical goods.

Special thanks to Ecotech Services who provided over 50 broken electrical goods, enough for one item per child, and educated the Scout leaders to make this possible. I learned a lot and we certainly hope to be able to assist in future to help prevent many of these components from ending up as landfill.

Sorted items ready for dismantling.

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