If software developers were hardware designers

I seem to spend most of my working life and my personal life clicking on update requests on my computers. Well ok maybe not most of my life but it is definitely over half!  But anyway, imagine if electronic and computer hardware designers treated products in the same way as software developers do.  Customers would be bringing gear in for upgrades every few days!  Hey, maybe that is a good idea.  Ecotech Services would get some of that work!

But seriously, I have to thank all of the software developers out there that have managed to turn computers into the wonderfully productive devices that they have become.  Ooo… Looks like another update is needed.

update requiredNarghh, just kidding! Everything is just tickety boo here.

About Alan Liefting

Alan Liefting is the founder, a shareholder, and the Managing Director of Ecotech Services. The views expressed here are his own and do not necessarily represent those of Ecotech Services Ltd.
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