Panasonic microwave oven door modification


Metal bracket to fix the fault on Panasonic microwave ovens which have doors that are difficult to open and close.

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This part is a metal bracket to prevent  flexing of the metal support holding the door switch assembly.  The oven has a  light grade metal support and over time it begins flexing to the extent that the door does not always open and close properly.

This modification is able to be fitted by a competent DIYer.  Service technicians are governed by the Microwave Ovens Regulations 1982.

This bracket is known to be compatible with the following models:
NN-S553WF, NN-T583SF, and NN-T784SF.


Tools and supplies needed: Philips No 2 screwdriver, lithium grease (optional)

  1. Unplug the oven from the main supply
  2. Remove the cover
  3. Remove the bottom screw holding the door switch assembly and not the position of the assembly (the screw is in a slotted hole).
  4. Install the new support bracket using the screw that was removed.
  5. Refit the oven cover.
  6. To reduce stresses as well as wear and tear it is recommended that the guide for the spring loaded door catch are lubricated.  This will entail the partial removal of the internal plastic cover.  Do this only if you are very confident in the dismantling of  appliances.


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