Microwave oven waveguide cover


Replacement microwave oven waveguide cover.
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Microwave oven waveguide covers sometimes become carbonised and cause sparks to occur inside the cooking cavity.  These covers are generally made of mica and are easily replaced. Depending on the make and model of the microwave oven we can supply a waveguide cover that can be immediately installed, or a generic one that will require trimming.

If the model is not listed use the generic option

The generic item is 12cm x 15cm.

Keeping the inside of the microwave oven as clean as possible reduces the chance of damage to the waveguide cover (as well as other parts of the oven).

Installation instructions
Depending on whether there is a fastener holding it in place a No 2 Philips screwdriver, a pair of cutting pliers, or some sort of flat tool will be needed:

  • If there is a screw remove it with the screwdriver.
  • If there is a clip use the cutting plier jaws under the head of the clip to prise it out.  Do not cut through the clip since it will be needed to mount the replacement.
  • Insert the flat tool under the long side of the mica by a distance of about five millimetres.
  • Lift the mica away for the surface until it clears any retaining tabs.
  • Reverse the procedure to fit the new one.  Since mica is brittle only bend it far enough in order to get it under the retaining tabs.

Additional information

Make and model

* Generic, Breville BM0200, Breville BM0300, Cascade EM823AEL, LG MS-194MCE, Panasonic NN-S784BF, Panasonic NN-ST659W, Panasonic NN-ST669W, Panasonic NN-ST677M, Panasonic NN-ST759W, Panasonic NN-T583SF, Panasonic NN-T704QF, Sanyo EM-CS779V, Sanyo S156AW, Sharp R-200Y(W), Sharp R-20A0, Sharp R-230J(W), Sharp R-240E, Sharp R-330J, Sharp R-340E, Sharp R-340R, Sharp R-380B, Sharp R-3H56, Sharp R-4A53, Sharp R340, Smeg SA-31MX, Smeg SMS23, Westinghouse WM5281WF, Whirlpool 6MT 264/WH, Whirlpool VT256/SL, ZIP ZIP931


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