Microwave oven turntable motor, generic


New, generic microwave oven turntable motor.

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Commonly used, generic microwave oven turntable motor suitable for a wide range of makes and models.  Easy to install and fixes the common faults of jerky or lack of rotation of the microwave oven platter.

220-240 V AC
50 Hz
4 watts
CW/CCW direction
5 mm terminals
50mm motor diameter
11 mm shaft length
NEMA Class B temperature rating

Installation instructions
In most cases the only tools needed are a pair of heavy duty cutting pliers and a Philips No 2 screwdriver.

  1. Remove the platter, platter ring, and motor drive hub from the cooking cavity.
  2. Place the oven on its side to get access to the bottom.
  3. Use the pliers to cut the thin support bridges of the base plate under the motor.
  4. Remove the old motor and fit the new one.
  5. The base plate that was removed can now be repositioned and held in place with a self tapping metal screw.

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