Shop FAQ

What sort of guarantee do I get?
Unless stated to the contrary we offer a guarantee on all of our products if used for its intended purpose.  If a product is not to the standard expected by you or if it fails we will replace it, repair it, or give you a refund. As a customer of ours you are covered by the provisions of the Fair Trading Act and the Consumer Guarantees Act.

You sell used, second hand, and recycled products.  What is the difference?
We sell products under a number of different classifications:

  • New – unused item in its original packaging. Part numbers start with eight (i.e. 8XXXX).
  • Third party new – unused item manufactured by a third party to the specifications of the OEM item. Part numbers also start with eight.
  • Used – used item that has been tested (if possible), but re-certification, repair, or refurbishment is unnecessary.  Interchangeable with the term second hand.  Part numbers start with seven.
  • Repaired – used item that has undergone repairs (refurbishment and re-certification not needed or cannot be done).  Part numbers start with seven.
  • Refurbished – used item that has undergone refurbishment which may or may not include repairs.  Part numbers start with seven.
  • Repurposed – used item that is sold to serve a different function from original.  This classification is rarely used.
  • Re-certified – effectively a new item but has undergone testing, cleaning and repackaging (if needed) to the specification of the OEM.  This classifications is currently not in use.
  • Recycled – sold on the assumption that it will undergo refining or a change into something different by mechanical, chemical, or metallurgical means, or by a combination of these processes.  This classification is reserved for bulk materials going to other recycling companies for further processing.  Part numbers start with six.

How can I trust you to supply the goods or services once I have paid?
We do not want to tarnish our reputation by betraying the trust that our customers place in us, so we not only make sure that all orders are processed but we aim to do it at quickly as possible.   We encourage you to leave feedback so others are able to evaluate our service.

Do you ship to my country?
At present our shop is set up only for New Zealand and an automated international shipping service option is not available at this stage. In the interim please contact us for international shipping rates on our products.

I have a bulk quantity of e-waste.  Can you offer a discount for recycling it?
We can sometimes offer discounts for bulk consignments but it would depend on the quantity, location and type.  Contact us for a quotation.

Do you recycle the products you sell?
As a responsible company we practice product stewardship so any purchases that you make will be accepted at the end of their useful life. Depending on the product there may be charge for this service.

I am having problems with using you shop. What do I do?
We hope that any technical issues have already been ironed out but let us know what problems you are experiencing.  We can also do transactions via email or by phone.

Who set up your shop?
We developed it in-house using the popular and versatile Woocommerce WordPress plugins.

Further information

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