Circuit board repair

Ecotech Services is able to repair some circuit boards depending on whether service data is available, whether parts are available, and if it is economically viable.

In some cases expensive replacement circuit boards do not need to be purchased since the faulty unit may have a simple, repairable fault.  Depending on the type of circuit board and the work required to evaluate it there is generally an inspection fee payable if it is deemed to be unrepairable.

We do not repair automotive circuit boards or modules at present.

Anti-static precautions
When handling bare circuit boards anti-static precautions should be taken.

When removing the board an anti-static wrist strap should be used, or if this is not available, ensure that the equipment is not live and use one hand to earth yourself onto the metal chassis.

The board should then be placed into an anti-static enclosure.  The order of preference for the enclosure would be: the original packaging, an anti-static shielding or dissipative bag, tin foil, or anything made of metal.  Do not use any sort of plastic that is not clearly marked as being anti-static.  Plastic can be used outside of the antistatic enclosure but cardboard has a slight advantage in some cases.

Make sure that the circuit board is adequately cushioned against being dropped, especially if the board includes heavy components such as transformers.

In most cases we give a three month warranty on our repairs. If we are unable to do this due to circumstances beyond out control we will notify you prior to billing.

We are also able to recycle circuit boards.  They contain metals such as copper, aluminium, gold, and silver, all of which can be recycled.


Further information

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