• Repairs

    We can repair and maintain a wide range of equipment especially:

    We are able to carry out minor repairs at very reasonable rates. See our price list for details.

    At this stage we do not offer to repair:

    • printers
    • mobile phones
    • whiteware (except microwave ovens)
    • automotive modules
    • some small items such as GPS units, portable speakers, etc

    Collectively our technicians have over 100 years of experience.

    All repair work comes with a three month warranty and is carried out by experienced, registered technicians.  We use a bespoke job tracking system to ensure all the relevant information relating to the job is recorded.

    Repairs take an unknown amount of time and to keep cost down please wait until we contact you about it.

    Repairing an item rather than replacing it with a new one is better for the environment and in a lot of cases a far cheaper alternative.  If it is advantageous in repairing your item we will use second hand or refurbished parts and assemblies.  We will discuss this with you and/or indicate this on our invoices.

    Ecotech Services supports the Right to Repair and Repair Cafes.

    Further information

    • Repairs at the Ecotech Services knowledge base