refurbished_recycled_logo-VEcotech Services sells a range of refurbished equipment, and we can refurbish equipment on your behalf.

We are able to refurbish most electronic, electrical, electro-mechanical, or computer equipment.  With years experience in the industry we are able to efficiently and reliably carry out the work.  Refurbishment of large batches allows for economies of scale making the cost per item lower than smaller batches.

Items that we refurbish includes:

  • circuit boards
  • computers
  • laptops
  • computer power supplies
  • computer monitors
  • power tools
  • microwave ovens

Whether it is a one off or a large batch we are able to get your items back into service.  If the items are no longer needed we are to sell it on your behalf or purchase it from you outright.

We are able to offer competitive prices for reworking batches of recalled products.

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Last updated: January 10, 2021 at 16:45 pm