Lithium batteries

To recycle your lithium batteries see our battery recycling page.

Ecotech Services collects most types of lithium batteries and cells for offshore recycling.  At this stage we do not accept lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) until we can establish the recycling costs.

Lithium batteries can cause fires and for that reason they are sometimes subject to recalls.   To prevent fires during shipping any lithium, cells or batteries with exposed terminals must be packed in a manner to prevent short circuits.  This can be done by taping  the terminals, wrapping them individually in plastic, or using the original packaging.

Care should be taken to prevent physical damage to the batteries during storage and during shipment.  Damaged lithium batteries can be shipped providing certain conditions are met, such as appropriate wrapping.  Damaged lithium metal batteries should be kept away from water since lithium will react with water to produce an explosive mixture of gases.

Some types of lithium battery will swell up if overcharged or if they are faulty.   Puncturing them to release the build up of gasses if not particularly unsafe but it will release a strong odour.

See our battery shipment page for more information.

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