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Ecotech Services specialises in  recycling virtually all electrical, electronics, and computer related items.  We turn your e-waste into e-scrap and then onto useful reusable material.

We cater for individuals dropping off a handful of items all the way through to the collection of large amounts from corporate customers.

We are able to carry out any data destruction.  There is no need to destroy equipment to achieve this and sometimes the destruction carried out by non-technical staff does not actually destroy the data.

What we offer
Items can be delivered to us for recycling.  See our contact page for location and opening hours.

We also have a regular collection service available for the Christchurch area or we can collect on a one off basis.

If your company is moving office we offer a premium corporate clean up service where all designated items are reused or recycled to minimise the environmental impact. This services is primarily for IT, electrical, and electronic equipment but can include furniture, stationary supplies and equipment, and any other items used in an industrial, commercial, or corporate office.

Good for improving human rights
Good for the environment
Good for the economy
Good for your corporate image

What it costs
There is usually a $5.00 handling fee.  Some items have a cost, namely printers, monitors, and televisions.  See our price list for costings.

What we recycle
We are able to accept virtually all e-waste but we specialise in the following items.
Batteries – We can recycle most batteries (or cells) that are currently on the market. Depending on the type and quantity batteries will either be purchased, accepted at no charge, or a fee charged. Read more >
Circuit boards –
Circuit boards (PCBs, PCBA’s, or PWBAs) contain copper and often precious metals such as gold.  We accept then in small or large quantities.  They are processed, sorted into the different grades, stockpiled, and then exported.
Computer monitors – The two main types of computer monitors are the older CRT models and the newer LCD type.  LCD monitors are the earlier square type (the same geometry as CRT’s) or the newer widescreen version. We are able to recycle LCD monitors only and the price varies depending on whether the units can be refurbished and on sold. There is little or no market for the the square LCD monitors so they are dismantled and recycled.  Wide screen LCD monitors are the type that are in current use and there is a small demand for them as refurbished units.
IT equipment – We are able to recycle all IT equipment, including servers, switches, cabling, digital media, UPS’s etc.  Collection from locations in the Christchurch city area may be free for large amounts and a payment may be made depending on the value of the items.  Data security is achieved by destruction or formatting either on site or at our premises.  The equipment is anonymised and then recycled, stripped for useful parts, or refurbished and on sold. Read more >
Microwave ovens – As with other types of electronic waste microwave ovens contain toxic materials.  We accept all microwave ovens for recycling, and suitable units are refurbished and sold.  Microwave ovens are predominantly ferrous metal and contain only a small number of assemblies making recycling a relatively easy option. We offer an on site microwave oven repair service in Christchurch which is generally a better option from an economic and environmental perspective.
Mobile phones – Mobile phones of all types as well as all the accessories can be sent to us for recycling.  Batteries are recycled by us and chargers will be recycled or refurbished for reuse. Read more >
Power tools – Both cordless and corded hand operated power tools are recycled or refurbished by Ecotech Services.  We can also recycle larger items of electrical equipment.
Wire and cable – We recycle all types of wire and cable in any quantity.  Our collection services will make this convenient for your company.  Read more >

What we do with it
We use a number of different e-cycling methods in order to maximise the environmental and economic benefits, including reuse after being repaired or refurbished.  If possible, include all the accessories such as cables, power supplies etc to make reuse a more viable option.

A small portion of the collected equipment is kept for use by Ecotech Services, used for our in-house research, to supply props for the performing arts, or kept for posterity.

What we don’t recycle
Due to huge changes in the international plastics recycling market we no longer accept video tapes, CD’s (music and data), and DVDs.

At this stage we do not accept items for recycling that contain radioactive materials (e.g. ionising smoke detectors),  polychlorinated biphenyls, or nanotechnology.


Further information

  • Recycling at the Ecotech Services knowledge base


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