Electrical safety testing

Danger of death due to electrocution signEcotech Services offers an electrical safety testing service for plug in appliances, also known as test and tag.  It is a requirement by law in many cases.

Our testing staff are not merely competent as required by law but are experienced, registered electrical workers.  We know what is likely to fail an electrical safety test.

During the electrical safety testing we only do what is required by law and what we consider to be necessary and what you require from us.  We do not carry out unnecessary testing for the sake of profits.

We charge on a per hour basis since this is the fairest method for all those involved.  The time taken to carry out the testing depends on the number of items to be tested, the type of items, and the level of documentation that you have requested.

We can also offer repair and recycling services at the time of the visit.

Pricing as of 10 January 2017

10100 Labour (per hour) $52.20
00010 Mileage (per km) $0.805

Electrical safety issues are sometimes readily apparent.
Image: Alan Liefting.

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