• Services

    Ecotech Services is a specialist electronics servicing, e-waste management, and technical consultation service.  The areas that we mainly focus on are electronic repairs, product refurbishment, e-waste recycling, and product sales.


    We accept virtually anything for recycling that runs on electricity and process it to a very high standard.  Items can be dropped off to us, sent to us, or we can collect in the Christchurch city area.   See our price list for more information.

    Our experienced and qualified technicians refurbish items that are able to be sold.

    General repairs

    Whether it is replacing a mains plug, doing component level repairs, or carrying out on site repair of industrial equipment – we can do it all.  However, depending on what is required for an efficient, cost effective, and timely service we may suggest that the repairs are done by other organisations. In order to effect an efficient repair of the more complex equipment it is always best to have it done by a specialist.

    Circuit board repair

    Whether it is for one or one thousand we can service electronic circuit boards in a professional manner. We don’t just fix the faults – we will determine the cause of the fault so that it will not fail again. Where possible all circuit boards are set up in the original equipment or serviced ex-situ in customised test jigs.  Replacement components are chosen for suitability and reliability and repairs are carried out at an anti-static workstation to prevent degradation of static sensitive devices.

    Product refurbishment

    Call us for a quotation if you have a batch of equipment that needs refurbishment or rework.  Our rates are competitive and rather than having otherwise usable equipment end up in the landfill we may be able to arrange a cost effective repair or refurbishment.

    New and used parts and equipment sales

    Whether is is an M3 hex screw, a DVI monitor cable, or a blade server and a whole lot in between Ecotech Services may be able to supply a new, used, or refurbished one.  See our shop, our Trade Me listings, or give us a call.

    E-waste management

    Ecotech Services supplies advice, consultation, and a processing service for e-waste. We offer a small range of specialist recycling services and are actively working to offer other e-waste recycling solutions.

    Depending on quantity and the level of service required we can give favourable terms for items that have been returned as part of a product recall.

    Electrical safety testing

    We offer electrical safety testing (test and tag) for plug in appliances.  As experienced and registered technicians we know what fails so our service is superior to those who are merely competent.

    Insurance consultation

    We can check insurance claims on electrical, electronics, or computer equipment to see if they are valid.  In the past we have detected insurance claims made on computer equipment that actually had a design fault rather than being caused by a power surge.

    Theatrical props

    We have a small range of items that can be used as props for theatrical productions.