THE E-WASTE TRAGEDY - opening sequence | Vimeo

THE E-WASTE TRAGEDY – opening sequence | VimeoThe E-waste Tragedy, Media3.14 (2014) – documents the illegal dumping of e-waste in developing countries. ( 2 min 45 sec)

GOOD Magazine (2007) – an overview of e-waste issues. (1 min 46 sec)

Factory City, Discovery Channel (2009) – EUPA’s huge appliance manufacturing factory in China employing 17,000 workers. (44 min 45 sec)

Exporting Harm: The High-Tech Trashing of Asia, Basel Action Network (2002) – a seminal video highlighting the e-waste problem. (23 min 3 sec)

E-Waste Hell, SBS Dateline (2011) – focuses on e-waste exported from Australia to Ghana. (17 m 44 sec)

Amnesty International (2016) This is what we die for: Child labour in the DRC cobalt mine. (8 min 2 sec)

China: Streamlining Electronic Waste, United Nations (2016) Development in e-waste processing in China.  (5min 5sec)

Business Insider (2021) New Zealand startup has found a way to extract gold from old circuit boards using inexpensive chemicals and microbes that absorb precious metals.

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