Press releases

24 June, 2003 – Disposal of electrical, electronic and computer equipment: The Ministry for the Environment released the New Zealand Waste Strategy in March of last year. Discarded electronic, electrical and computer equipment is classified as special wastes. There is a target for a pilot programme for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) to be in place by December 2005.

10 March, 2004 – UN report highlights the effect of the computer industry on the environment A report recently released by the UN highlights the effect of the computer industry on the environment. It shows that the manufacturing of an average computer consumes ten times the weight of the finished product in fuel and materials.

6 December, 2007 – ‘An Inefficient Truth’ – the IT industry doesn’t get it:  A British report on the IT industry shows that the billion computers being used world wide account for around 2% of human induced CO2 emissions.

3 July, 2014 – Product stewardship should apply to all electrical product: In a submission to the Ministry for the Environment on the Priority waste streams for product stewardship intervention: A discussion document Ecotech Services advocates for product stewardship on all electrical, electronics, and computer products.

16 October, 2018 – Ecotech Services celebrates International Repair Day on 20 October 2018