This is a list of scams that in some way relate to the work done by Ecotech Services (listed in no particular order):

Name Person Claim Notes
Power Innovator Device Richard Goran Very high savings in electricity Ecotech blog post
Various Free energy
White van speaker scam Sales of allegedly good quality speakers and stereos which are of poor quality Ecotech blog post
AkkuFresh Sylvester Belso Extends the life of lithium batteries Ecotech blog post
Batmax 35-200% extension in battery life
Batteriser Bold claims of extending battery life EEVblog video
Televisions Black and white televisions were said to be bad for your eyes by a television salesman so he could sell colour sets Anecdotal evidence from the 1980s
Petroleum investment Nour El Deen Nabil Sao Tome and Principe Petroleum Agency is mentioned Ecotech blog post
Counterfeit electronic components   Relabelling of second hand components Wikipedia article

If you are unsure if something is a scam or not the first thing to do is to seek reliable information on it.  The internet is a good source of information but be sure to go to reliable sources such as governments and advocacy organisations. If something sounds too good to be true exercise caution since it is quite likely to be a scam.

Further information

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