As well as environmental protection Ecotech Services is also committed to electrical safety and consumer protection. To this end we maintain this listing of faulty, hazardous, or potentially hazardous electrical goods for our repair and refurbishment work and for use by the general public. This list is primarily for recalls in New Zealand.

Lithium batteries are sometimes subject to recalls. See the battery recalls page for further information.

Date Item Reason Suggested course of action Further information
June 2018 Euromatic Eco wall panel heater models EPH-001 EPH-001D EPH-002 Ceramic casing may crack. Return it to Bunnings. MBIE
July 2017 Extech Digital Clamp Meters The meters can fail to give an accurate voltage reading, resulting in the operator falsely believing the electrical power is low or off, posing an electrocution hazard. Stop using the affected digital clamp meters and contact Extech for a free replacement meter. MBIE
July 2017 Freedom Furniture – Zox table lamp If the wooden shade becomes overheated, this could cause a fire hazard. Stop using the lamp and return to the nearest Freedom store for a full refund or exchange for a similar product. MBIE
July 2017 Celsius & Number8 – 2000W horizontal fan heaters Risk of fire and electric shock Stop using your heater immediately. Contact Celsius for further information on how to receive a refund or replacement heater MBIE
July 2017 Wismec Exo Skeleton for ES300 personal vaporizers Risk of fire Stop using the Wismec Exo Skeleton for the ES300 and remove the atomisers and all batteries. Return the device to the store you purchased it from for a full refund or replacement MBIE
June 2017 Sunbeam Sous Chef Multi Cooker When used in slow cooker mode" the multi-cooker may not reach and maintain a temperature during the cook time to fully cook the meat." Recall completed. MBIE
June 2017 Happy Mobile – Counterfeit Samsung Battery Risk of overheat and fire Stop using the affected batteries and return to Happy Mobile for refund MBIE
June 2017 Off-Board Chargers for Segway Personal Transporters A wire inside the charger can detach and touch the side of the charger causing a possible shock hazard. Recall completed. MBIE
June 2017 Adapter sold with GarageAce Wi-Fi door opener Incorrect/Non-compliant 230v plug adaptor for USB fitting supplied with unit. Recall completed. MBIE
June 2017 Beko DCU8330GX dryer The capacitor may fail and overheat, potentially leading to risk of fire. Beko are contacting customers directly. MBIE
June 2017 The Warehouse – Living & Co Voss Desk Lamp The lampshade can melt if an incorrect bulb (>40W) is used. Return to your nearest Warehouse branch. MBIE
May 2017 SIMX Smart Sense Mini 360⁰ Flush Mount PIR Sensor Risk of electric shock Replace with PIR sensor LHT0142 or LHT0179. MBIE
May 2017 Panasonic Tablet FZ-G1 (Mk1 to Mk3) and battery pack May overheat. Refer to the manufacturers instructions here. This is not an actual recall.
May 2017 Moretti, Click, and Akai oil column heaters Risk of burns from hot oil. Return to Bunnings. MBIE
Mar 2017 Swann wireless door chime Risk of shock If within the range of serial numbers remove it from mains power and return it to obtain a replacement unit. MBIE
Feb 2017 HP and Compaq notebook batteries. This is an expansion of a previous recall. Risk of overheating. Check to see if you are affected and if so discontinue using the battery. HP battery recall programme
Feb 2017 Aero Quik Kettle – Black Risk of fire Return the kettle to Harvey Norman for a refund or replacement. MBIE
Feb 2017 Cuisinart DLC-2011BCNA, DLC-2011NA, DLC-2014BCNA, DLC-2014NA, DFP-14BCNA, MP-14NA food processors. Only models with blade rivets are affected. Blade may break Contact Cuisinart for a free replacement blade. MBIE
Jan 2017 Some Zebra power supplies that were manufactured by FSP Group between October 1, 2010 and December 31, 2011 Risk of fire Follow instructions issued by Zebra
Dec 2016 OMP Power Bank 5000mAh May overheat and explode or catch fire. Return to Farmers MBIE
Dec 2016 The Warehouse – Living and Co. Stainless Steel and Red Kettles 1.7L with the PO Number 18920118 Risk of shock Stop using it immediately or do not unpack it. Return it to The Warehouse for a full refund. MBIE
Nov 2016 Toshiba laptop batteries Risk of burns or fire Visit the Toshiba website to determine if your battery is affected. This is an extension of an earlier recall. MBIE
Nov 2016 Instant Hot Water Kettle ISKTL Risk of fire MBIE
Nov 2016 Kambrook Microwave 30L (KMO400) Risk of fire Check to see if it is within the date code range 833-1321. If so stop using it and arrange for a replacement or refund. MBIE
Nov 2016 CarbaTec RT-660 router table Phase and neutral may be transposed making it non-compliant. Send plug and switch unit to the CarbaTec MBIE
Nov 2016 Radio Systems Detachable AC Plug Adaptor Insert sold with PetSafe® and SportDOG® Brand Products Risk of shock if broken MBIE
Oct 2016 EziBuy Poppy Desk Lamp Risk of fire MBIE
Oct 2016 Countdown — Halloween LED Spinning Wand Batteries may fall out presenting a danger to children Return your wand to any Countdown supermarket for a full refund. MBIE
Oct 2016 Swiss Mobility Universal Travel Adapter Non-compliant and risk of shock Return to JB HiFi MBIE
Oct 2016 ECCO Rechargeable LED Work/Utility Lamps (model numbers EW2461 and EW2461-AU) The product may overheat and present a risk of fire MBIE
Oct 2016 Bosch freestanding gas/electric cooker models HGV74W255A and HGV74W355A. Batch number 8901 and 9110 Gas leakage
Sept 2016 Samsung top loading washing machine Excessive vibration leading to damage Samsung
Sept 2016 Makita 5057KB 185mm Dustless Circular Saw Blade may become stuck Return to supplier to have it rectified MBIE
Sept 2016 Powerbank 2600mA (no brand name) Battery pack When dropped the battery may fall out. There are no markings on the battery so it is possible that it can be re-installed incorrectly. MBIE
Sep 2016 Samsung Galaxy Note7 phone Battery issues including possible explosion Samsung
Aug 2016 Medela breast pump Risk of shock Medsafe at the Ministry of Health
Aug 2016 Green Smoke JD-050-050 power adaptor Risk of shock Visit the Green Smoke adaptor recall website MBIE
July 2016 Denon HEOS 1 Go Pack Rechargeable Battery Speakers Phone B&W Loudspeakers Ltd on 0800-255-800 MBIE
July 2016 Ashton GPA10 Guitar amplifier Risk of shock Return for repair MBIE
July 2016 Hoverboards – various models Risk of fire Contact your supplier No formal recall notice is in place at present in New Zealand. See the US CSPC for more information or contact your supplier.
June 2016 HP batteries for various notebooks Burn and fire hazard Contact HP MBIE
June 2016 Arlec WLED15 rechargeable handheld worklights Risk of fire Return it to Bunnings MBIE
June 2016 Goldair GBH400 bathroom heaters (batch G328 only) Risk of fire Stop using it and contact Goldair MBIE
April 2016 Homemaker 20cm chrome round green fan (FZ-20M01) Risk of shock Contact KmartCustomer Service on 0800 945 995
March 2016 Ariston and Indesit tumble dryers Risk of fire Call 0800 274 748 or visit
2016 Apple AC Wall Plug Adapter Risk of shock Contact Apple
4 November 2015 Nutriblend and NutriInfusion blenders Risk of fire Fire Service
4 November 2015 Homemaker Nutritional Drink Blender Risk of fire Fire Service
3 November 2015 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Risk of fire Fire Service
November 2015 Haier top loading washing machines HWMP55-918 and HWMP65-918 Risk of fire See the Haier recall notice Consumer Affairs
October 2015 Breville Fast Slow Cookers model BPR200 Risk of scalding Contact Breville Consumer Affairs
Sep-15 CordTech SCC0510-4 5Mtr Cable Reel, HSC1510-4 15Mtr Cable Reel, HBC2010-4 20Mtr Cable Reel Risk of electric shock Return to the retailer Consumer Affairs
Aug-15 Artistic Living Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Risk of electric shock and fire Consumer Affairs
Aug-15 PowerGuard Tablet Protector Risk of electric shock Consumer Affairs
11-Jul-15 Ozito Electric Blower model OZBL1800WA Risk of electric shock and injury from sharp objects Ozito NZ
2-Jul-15 Insinkerator models 55+ and 65+ Potential fire hazard See Fire Service
30-Jun-15 Kmart Homemaker Gerry upright floor lamp Risk of electric shock or fire Contact Kmart Customer Service on 0800 945 995 Consumer NZ
25-Jun-15 Ultimate 2-in-1 pest repeller Risk of electric shock Contact Newfield Group on 0800 600 789 or Consumer NZ
8-Jun-15 Apple Beats Pill XL portable wireless speakers Unit may overheat Contact Apple to have it recalled Fire Service
2-Jun-15 Apple iPhone and iPad chargers (refurbished) Potential fire risk Return to ED Games Consumer Affairs
Jun-15 Kenwood X PRO Blender BLM80 Mechanical failure Consumer Affairs
14-May-15 ThinkPad Lithium-ion batteries May overheat and cause burns or fire Visit Lenovo to determine if you are affected and to arrange for a free replacement battery. Consumer NZ
14-Apr-15 Shark Ultra-light vacuum cleaner May cause burns or electric shock Visit Shark for guidance on identifying the affected models and for instructions on how to return for repair. The Shark customer service team is also available on 0800 109 009 Consumer NZ
2-Apr-15 Heller 2000W fan heaters Call 09 978 2200 or go to Bunnings Consumer NZ
16-Mar-15 Shark Navigator vacuum cleaners Risk of burns or electric shock Visit Shark for guidance on identifying the affected models and for instructions on how to return for repair. A dedicated Shark customer service team is available for any consumer queries on 0800 109 009. Consumer NZ
13-Mar-15 Kathmandu rechargable torch Risk of overheating Stop using the torch and return to your nearest Kathmandu store or call 0800 001 234 for a refund. Consumer NZ
2015 Samsung washing machine models SW75V9WIP, SW65V9WIP, SW80SPWIP, SW70SPWIP Potential fire risk Contact Samsung New Zealand Samsung and MBIE
18-Dec-14 Lenovo AC power cord model LS-15 May overheat Fire Service
2-Dec-14 Toshiba laptop/notebook AC power cords model LS-15 May overheat Fire Service
2-Dec-14 Panasonic battery CF-H2 May overheat Contact Panasonic NZ on 0800 726 222 Fire Service
2-Dec-14 MSPA Alpine inflatable Bubble spa Risk of electric shock Contact The Warehouse or on 0800 422 274 Fire Service
2-Dec-14 Performer powerboard Risk of fire Contact Kmart Customer Service on 0800 945 995 or visit Fire Service
20-Nov-14 Universal adapter code MAUC Risk of electric shock or fire Contact Pacific Optics Limited Consumer NZ
7-Nov-14 Chevron 4 and 6 outlet power boards Risk of fire Return them to your nearest Countdown, SuperValue or FreshChoice supermarket to receive a full refund. Consumer NZ
2-Sep-14 Hewlett-Packard and Compaq notebook computer AC power cords Risk of fire Go to the HP Notebook PC AC Power Cord Replacement Programme website at: Fire Service
2-Sep-14 Best Buy four outlet powerboard Risk of fire Return it to your nearest Supercheap Auto store for a full refund. Fire Service
2-Sep-14 Nouveau 16L electronic dehumidifier Risk of fire due to overheating capacitor Fire Service
2-Sep-14 Moda electric hot pack Risk of electric shock or fire Return it to The Warehouse store for a full refund, with or without a receipt. Fire Service
26-Aug-14 Redken branded PowerBank phone chargers Risk of overheating Return the charger to your nearest Rodney Wayne salon or Rodney Wayne Shampoo n' Things store to receive a complimentary replacement gift. Consumer NZ
29-Jul-14 Goldairmodel 3108 and 3109 bathroom fan heaters Risk of fire Consumers should immediately stop using the heater. Turn the heater off and contact Goldair on 0800 232 633 or a registered electrician. Fire Service
17 Jun-14 Medela B-Well steam sterilisers Risk of burns, fire or electric shock Contact or phone 0800 503 553 Consumer NZ
16-Jun-14 Weiss heat transfer system Risk of fire Turn the system off and contact Weiss New Zealand on 0800 208 008 or a registered electrician Fire Service
May-14 Sony VAIO Fit 11A model numbers SVF11N18CGP and SVF11N18CGS Risk of burns from the battery pack Contact Sony New Zealand on 0800 766 969 Consumer NZ
May-14 ThinkPad batteries Risk of fire Contact Lenovo or call 0508 201 650 ACCC
Apr-14 Kawashima Pro2000i inverter generator Risk of shock Call Euroquip NZ on 0800 387 678 Consumer NZ
Mar-14 Dyson AM04 and AM05 heaters Risk of fire Visit the Dyson recall website Consumer NZ


  1. This list is only for electrical items
  2. It only covers recalls issued since March 2014
  3. We endeavour to keep this list up to date but the links below may have additional recalls. If you know of any other items that can be added to this list please email us at

We recommend that both new and second hand electrical items are purchased from reputable companies and that care is taken in buying accessories that are made by third party manufacturers. Also, beware of counterfeit items, especially those that claim to be made by Apple.

Any electrical items that are able to be plugged into a single or three phase main socket and are used in a public place must be tested for electrical safety.  Under the AS/NZS 5762 standard second hand equipment must be checked to see if it is subject to a product recall before it is offered for sale, as well as being subject to AS/NZS 3760 testing and inspection.

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