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This directory lists organisations that supply e-waste recycling services in New Zealand.  In this context e-waste is any electronics, electrical, or computer equipment, along with items needed for their usage.

This list is supplied as a convenience to readers who require e-waste recycling services.  While Ecotech Services does on occasion endorse specific organisations this is intended to be a comprehensive list of specialist e-waste processors that operate in New Zealand.

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Organisation name
Organisation name
IT Recycle Computers
Dominion Metals Batteries
Ecotech Services Christchurch Appliances, Batteries, Circuit boards, Computers, Lamps, microwaves
Community Recycling Network
Abilities Group Auckland
Fisher and Paykel
Interwaste Auckland
Kilmarnock Enterprises Christchurch
Metal Corp Christchurch
Molten Media Community Trust Christchurch
New Age Materials Computer Wreckers Wellington
NZ Toner Supplies Christchurch
PCB International Auckland
Planet Recycle Hamilton
Recytech Auckland
Remarkit Wellington
Resource Recovery Technologies Christchurch
Sims Pacific Metal Industries Auckland
Swapkit Auckland
TES-AMM New Zealand Auckland
The Ark Auckland
Transpacific Technical Services Auckland
Upcycle Auckland
Computer Recycling Auckland

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