Our range of services is always expanding and we update this list on a regular basis. You can use our online shop for some our products and services.

Since we have a strong focus on environmental protection and social responsibility our prices will sometimes be higher than that of companies offering a similar service.

Payment is accepted as cash, EFTPOS, direct debit, or credit card via our PayPal account. All prices include GST.

Drop off and collection fees

Drop off fee$5.00
Collection fee (Christchurch city only)$22.50
Recycling labour - per 10 minutes$9.00
E-crate - collect and process$17.50
E-crate - processing only$6.00
E-crate - replacement for lost or damaged crates$9.50

Labour charge out rates

 Min/inspect/assess feeper 10 minutesper hour
Electronic and electrical repairs$39.00$13.00$78.00
Computer repairs$45.00$15.00$90.00
Recycling labour$9.00$9.00$54.00
per item
Test and tag (workshop)$5.00

Recycling rates

  1. Prices include GST
  2. Prices are subject to change.
  3. Batteries sent by courier have a minimum fee equivalent to 10 kg per SKU.
  4. Bulk pricing may be available on some items.
  5. Errors and omissions excepted.
39221mixed, e-crate, replacement (loss, damage)$9.50item
39211mixed, e-crate, collection-processing only$6.00item
39210mixed, e-crate, delivery-collection-processing$17.50item
34540unit, telecommunication, telephone, IP$1.00item
34530unit, telecommunication, telephone, corded$1.00item
34520unit, telecommunication, telephone, cordless$1.00item
34510unit, telecommunication, telephone, mobile$0.00
34413unit, industrial, tools, mains powered$0.00
34412unit, industrial, tools, battery powered (Li-ion)$0.00
34411unit, industrial, tools, battery powered (NiCd)$4.00item
34236unit, domestic, television, OLED$18.00item
34234unit, domestic, television, LCD$18.00
34233unit, domestic, television, plasma$25.00
34231unit, domestic, television, CRT$30.00item
34211unit, domestic, microwave$0.00item
34210unit, domestic, small appliance, misc$0.00item
34180unit, computer, mouse$0.00item
34170unit, computer, keyboard$1.00item
34150unit, computer, e-book readers$0.00
34140unit, computer, tablet$0.00
34132unit, commercial, printer, laser$12.00item
34131unit, commercial, printer, inkjet$12.00item
34130unit, computer, notebook$0.00
34123unit, computer, digital display$25item
34122unit, computer, monitor, LCD (square or widescreen)$8.00item
34121unit, computer, monitor, CRT$10item
34120unit, computer, laptop$1.00
34110unit, computer, desktop$0.00
33130assembly, computer, circuit board, mixed$0.12kg
32190component, battery, unsorted$3.50kg
32150component, battery, silver oxide$8.00kg
32142component, battery, lead$0.42kg
32134component, battery, Li-POTBAkg
32133component, cell, Li-POTBAkg
32132component, battery, Li-ionTBAkg
32131component, cell, Li-ionTBAkg
32130component, battery, lithium, miscPOA
32122component, battery, NiCd/NiMH$3.50kg
32112component, battery, alkaline$3.00kg
31190material, metal, mixed$1.50kg
31160material, metal, lead$0.00
31150material, metal, zinc$0.00
31140material, metal, brass$10.0010kg
31130material, metal, aluminium$7.5010kg
31120material, metal, copper$30.0010kg
31110material, metal, ferrous$0.00
30002mixed, e-waste recycling$0.30kg
unit, domestic, VCR$0.00item
unit, domestic, DVD player$0.00item
unit, domestic, digital camera$0.00
unit, commercial, shredder$2.00
unit, commercial, multifunction unit$12.00item
unit, commercial, laminator$2.00
unit, commercial, fax$12.00item
unit, commercial, EFTPOS$2.00item
unit, "Eco" panel heater$5.00item
component, lamps, LED, bayonet or screw in$5.0010 items
component, lamps, incandescent$10.00100 items
component, lamps, fluorescent tube$2.50item
component, lamps, CFL$3.00item
assembly, pcb, low grade$1.2010kg
assembly, pcb, high grade$2.2010kg
assembly, electrical, transformers, copper$0.20kg
assembly, electrical, transformers, aluminium$0.10kg
assembly, electrical, motors$0.20kg
assembly, electrical, elements$0.00
assembly, consumable, toner$1.00item
assembly, consumable, drum$1.00item
assembly, computer, cables$0.00

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