• Pricing

    Our range of services is always expanding and we update this list on a regular basis. You can use our online shop for some of our products and services.

    Since we have a strong focus on environmental protection and social responsibility our prices will sometimes be higher than that of companies offering a similar service.

    Payment is accepted as cash, via EFTPOS, or by direct debit. We do not accept credit cards or cryptocurrencies and we do not support Paywave on EFTPOS transactions.
    We support eInvoicing. Open banking will be available from 2026 once Kiwibank offer it as a service.

    All prices include GST.

    Drop off and collection fees

    Drop off fee$5.00
    Collection fee (Christchurch city only)$27.50
    Recycling labour – per 10 minutes$9.00

    Labour charge out rates

    Min/inspect/assess feeper 10 minutesper hour
    Minor repairsN/A$15.00N/A
    Electronic and electrical repairs$45.00$15.00$90.00
    Computer repairs$54.00$18.00$108.00
    Recycling labour$11.00$11.00$66.00
    per item
    Test and tag (workshop)$5.00

    Recycling rates

    1. Prices include GST
    2. Prices are subject to change.
    3. Batteries sent by courier have a minimum fee equivalent to 10 kg per SKU.
    4. Bulk pricing may be available on some items.
    5. Errors and omissions excepted.
    34540unit, telecommunication, telephone, IP$3.00item
    34530unit, telecommunication, telephone, corded$3.00item
    34520unit, telecommunication, telephone, cordless$3.00item
    34510unit, telecommunication, telephone, mobile$0.00
    34413unit, industrial, tools, mains powered$0.00
    34412unit, industrial, tools, battery powered (Li-ion)$0.00
    34411unit, industrial, tools, battery powered (NiCd)$4.00item
    34236unit, domestic, television, OLED$20.00item
    34234unit, domestic, television, LCD$20.00
    34233unit, domestic, television, plasma$30.00
    34231unit, domestic, television, CRT$35.00item
    34211unit, domestic, microwave$4.00item
    34210unit, domestic, small appliance, misc$2.00item
    34180unit, computer, mouse$0.50item
    34170unit, computer, keyboard$1.00item
    34150unit, computer, e-book readers$2.00
    34140unit, computer, tablet$0.00
    34132unit, commercial, printer, laser$12.00item
    34131unit, commercial, printer, inkjet$12.00item
    34130unit, computer, notebook$0.00
    34123unit, computer, digital display$25item
    34122unit, computer, monitor, LCD (square or widescreen)$10.00item
    34121unit, computer, monitor, CRT$10item
    34120unit, computer, laptop$1.00
    34110unit, computer, desktop$0.00
    33130assembly, computer, circuit board, mixed$0.12kg
    32190component, battery, unsorted$4.50kg
    32150component, battery, silver oxide$8.00kg
    32142component, battery, lead$0.00kg
    32134component, battery, Li-PO$5.00kg
    32133component, cell, Li-PO$5.00kg
    32132component, battery, Li-ion$5.00kg
    32131component, cell, Li-ion$5.00kg
    32130component, battery, lithium, miscPOA
    32122component, battery, NiCd/NiMH$4.50kg
    32112component, battery, alkaline$3.50kg
    31190material, metal, mixed$1.50kg
    31160material, metal, lead$0.00
    31150material, metal, zinc$0.00
    31140material, metal, brass$10.0010kg
    31130material, metal, aluminium$7.5010kg
    31120material, metal, copper$30.0010kg
    31110material, metal, ferrous$0.00
    30002mixed, e-waste recycling$0.30kg
    unit, domestic, VCR$0.00item
    unit, domestic, DVD player$0.00item
    unit, domestic, digital camera$0.00
    34267unit, domestic, vacuum cleaner$10item
    unit, commercial, shredder$2.00
    unit, commercial, multifunction unit$12.00item
    unit, commercial, laminator$2.00
    unit, commercial, fax$12.00item
    unit, commercial, EFTPOS$2.00item
    unit, “Eco” panel heater$5.00item
    component, lamps, LED, bayonet or screw in$5.0010 items
    component, lamps, incandescent$10.00100 items
    component, lamps, fluorescent tube$2.50item
    component, lamps, CFL$1.20item
    assembly, pcb, low grade$1.2010kg
    assembly, pcb, high grade$2.2010kg
    assembly, electrical, transformers, copper$0.20kg
    assembly, electrical, transformers, aluminium$0.10kg
    assembly, electrical, motors$0.20kg
    assembly, electrical, elements$0.00
    assembly, consumable, toner$1.00item
    assembly, consumable, drum$1.00item
    assembly, computer, cables$0.00