Power cords

iec320-c13I am quite sure that we have produced enough of the computer style power cords to never ever have to have another one manufactured ever again.  They are thrown out by the billions.  I was going through some recycling stuff and in it, with all of the second hand power cables, there were quite a few BRAND NEW ONES.  Sorry to shout but it is ridiculous!  It is criminal!  All those wasted resources for nothing!

Technically, the power cord socket is the IEC 60320 C13 which mates with the matching C14 male equivalent.  It has been a commonly used plug and socket style for quite a while and there is no sign of it being superseded any time soon.

So here is an idea for all the manufacturers of computers, printers, power supplies and anything else that uses them: supply the equipment without the power cord.  We can save money (a good thing) and it is better for the environment (another good thing).

Oh, and it will also mean that I can then sell some of the millions of power cords that I have got stacked up.

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