Nanotechnology based battery extenders

Ecotech Services was alerted to a product on the market that claims to extend the life of batteries used in common electronic items.  This particular one is the AkkuFresh Nanotech Battery Life Foil.  The benefits described in the sales pitch for a special deal seems vaguely plausible but highly questionable:

“AkkuFresh® absorbs all source of energy inclouding (sic) electromagnetic field (EMF) energy and generate negative ions far infrared waves and biorezonance. Negative ions will penetrate into the battery and create higher frequency on witch the crystals resonate and burst. This cleaning process causes the battery to regain its initial capacity, and enhance the flow of negative ions. It also let’s the Lithium ions resonate, through which an increase in voltage is obtained.”

The poor grammar and the spelling mistake is an indication that it may be a dubious product, but the phrase “generate negative ions far infrared waves ” and the mention of the pseudoscience of “biorezonance” strongly suggests that it is.  A battery pack usually consists of opaque plastic which is of course impervious to infrared and to negative ions (at the operating temperature that batteries use.)

AkkuFresh claims to have had their product tested by Kent Holdings Ltd. “in co-operation with US and European universities, independent testing laboratories and battery technology centers”.   As well as testing and promoting AkkuFresh Kent Holding also promotes the ionXtra® intelligent water.  This removes any credibility the company may have on the grounds of vested interests and rational thought.

A similar product called BatMax is on the market with the same dubious marketing.

There are many ways of improving battery life, such as storage temperature, charging regimes, battery type selection criteria, and technological advances.  Products for improving battery that are promoted using pseudoscience and buzzwords are of no value.

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    Ecotech Services has now collated a list of scams relating to electrical products.

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