More spam for a scam

This scam arrived in my inbox:
(spam links removed)

Hi My name is Prof. Dr. Richard Goran,

"Gentlemen, finance me and help me improve this and all the planet 
will afford energy".

Here’s what 71 year old Dustin Grey from Atlanta says:
"I’ve never built anything in my entire life... yet this was so 
easy, I assembled it with my grandkids. Now we get almost free 
electricity 24/7".

That will reduce your electricity bill starting today by at least 
80% ... now is the perfect time.

Here's how to get "Power Innovator Device":
I'll let you have Power Innovator Vidoes PLUS a surprise bonus, 
PLUS the List of tools and supplies

----------->Here is Your Video
(If the above doesn't work,click not spam for you to see the video.)
Your Success,
E-Saver Inventor

I followed the link to the video and was redirected to a website with a sort of “but wait there’s more”, hard sell, scammy video. I wasted about 20 minutes of my life watching that damned video but I am always curious about this sort of rubbish. If you are interested in watching the video cut and paste into your browser.

The email was obviously a scam and I did not need my ISP to mark it as such in the subject line.  When there are outrageously bold claims and a request for money it is obvious that it is a scam.

The number of scams relating to technology has prompted me a start a list of these sort of scams.


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