Lost in translation

I came across this sticker on a no name piece of rubbish masquerading as weigh scales.

“Tearing up the void”

I am pretty sure that the sticker is supposed to say “Warranty void if removed”.  Not only is the English complete nonsense but there is not even a screw in the hole under the sticker!

Ok, they may not have a grasp of the English language but are the manufacturers able to produce a reliable and accurate set of scales?  There are a few issues with it.  The power adapter socket is not labelled with the required input voltage (it needs a specific voltage to charge the internal four volt lead acid battery).  The light indicating that it is connected to a power source is called “ACC” instead of AC.  The internal wiring is a bit messy.  I am unsure of the accuracy.  It has a strain gauge on a cantilevered bar.  Is that a good way of doing it given that it goes up to 25 kg?

It is a real shame that everyone buys on price (even I do so sometimes) at the expense of quality.  In the case of weigh scales the technology has not really changed significantly over the past couple of decades so we may as well keep the older, better quality ones in service rather than buying new rubbish.

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