I’ve done a lot of screwing

I’ll probably get in trouble with everyone about the title of this post but at least it got your attention.

Anyway, as a technician I do a lot of screwing (we are only talking about screwdrivers here ok) so having good screwdrivers is a good thing.  Have a look at this CK HD Classic range screwdriver that I bought way back in the mid 1990s.

IMG_2433 CK Screwdriver
It is a Number 2 Philips head screwdriver so it has done a lot of work.  Look at the tip.  Apart from the anti-cam out coating being worn off it is still in good condition.  The rough patches on the shaft is where I had a toolmaker mate of mine try and put some knurling on it.  The steel is so well tempered and of such a good quality that even the tough knurling tool had trouble with biting into it.  I reckon having knurling on a long shaft screwdriver like this one is a good idea.  It would be way of getting screws out quickly.

What prompted me to talk about screwdrivers is that I decided I needed a set for Torx  headed screws.  I am seeing more and more products that use them.  The sole Torx screwdriver that I had (a security Torx brand Number 20 specifically for the now old school IBM 8512 computer monitors) and the good old screwdriver bit sets are now not really cutting it.

So I got hold of Ron Enright Tools in Auckland, which is where I got all of my CK screwdrivers, to see if I can get some for Torx screws.  I was recommended the PB Swiss range of screwdrivers by David.  He reckons they are the bees knees.  Maybe even the PBs knees (sorry, that was lame).  He gave me a good deal on the colour coded set you can see in the picture.  They turned up yesterday and they look beautiful!  Mmmmm…. Nice handles (although I think square is my preference), good looking (but functionality is more important of course), and all with individual serial numbers, something I have not seen on other screwdrivers.  It looks like I will get a lifetimes worth of use out of these things.

That is enough talk about screwdrivers.  Time to do some screwing.

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