It’s amazing – the homemade LCD screen cleaner

I have been refurbishing a stack of LCD monitors and I had a hard time getting the LCD screens completely streak free after cleaning them.  I was using an environmentally friendly general purpose cleaner but I also tried methylated spirits (Oooops – petroleum product. Sorry about that).

So I did an internet search and good old Google gave me some good answers.
The general recommendation is one part vinegar (or isopropyl alcohol) to one part water.  So as a greenie and as a cheaper option I tried the vinegar and water mix.  I used a sprayer bottle to apply the cleaner to the screens.

The results were really amazing!  I had some really dirty looking monitors that came up nicely!  There is no need for those expensive LCD cleaner kits at all!  Good old cheap, environmentally friendly vinegar does the trick!

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