Ecotech Services supports the electronic hobbyist, maker, and DIY community as a means of fostering an interest in electronics careers and as a means of reusing second hand components.

We have a variety of components of various types for sale that have been stripped from items that are received by us for recycling and are of use to hobbyists.  Typical items that can be rescued and for which reliability can generally be assured include cables, connectors, fasteners, motors, and resistors.

Electrolytic capacitors, because of the widespread use of poor quality types and because they all degrade with use, are not usually recommended for reuse. Mains voltage filter capacitors (which have a 200 or 400 volt rating) can be reused.  They are somewhat expensive to purchase and are not easily obtainable at electronics hobbyist shops.  Capacitance and ESR testing should be done before reusing them.

Batteries can sometimes be reused.  Lithium-ion batteries are sometimes discarded before the end of their useful life which means they can be of some use for hobby projects.  Caution should be exercised when using lithium-ion batteries since they are able to supply currents high enough to cause fires. Computer motherboard BIOS RAM backup batteries are reusable and are often the common CR2032 model.  Batteries from a computer that has spent much of its time in an unpowered state, or from a unit that is over about ten years old will have a reduced useful reuse lifetime.

Contact us if you wish to purchase second hand components or assemblies.