Global E-Waste Monitor 2014 report

The United Nations University (UNU) have released the Global E-Waste Monitor 2014 report. It is estimated that less than one sixth of the e-waste generated globally was diverted from landfills and either recycled or reused.

New Zealand generates 19kg per capita giving a national total of 86,000 tonnes.  Australia, with which we have close economic ties and similarities in culture, generates 20kg per capita, however they have legislation in place for mandatory e-waste recycling whereas New Zealand does not.

Given that e-waste contains toxic material and recoverable resources there is a lot of work required to make electrical and electronics technology sustainable.

Discarded Kitchen, Laundry, Bathroom Equipment Comprises Over Half of World E-waste – United Nations University

E-waste last year contained US$52 billion in resources, large volumes of toxic material; most is not collected for recovery or treatment New United Nations University report details e-waste generation by region.

The full, high resolution report can be downloaded from the UNU.

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