Zero e-waste

Zero waste is an environmental philosophy that seeks to have all products and materials reused in some way to eliminate the need for landfills and rubbish dumps.

Ecotech Services supports this ideal as an eventual aim and our focus is on achieving zero e-waste by repair, refurbishment, recycling, and resale of electrical, electronics, and computer products.

Zero e-waste entails turning all e-waste into e-scrap.   We are able to achieve this for a wide range of items that we receive.  We also try to minimise in-house waste and maximise in-house recycling.

E-waste on a street in Bangalore, India.  E-waste is a huge global environmental problem with China, India, and Africa becoming dumping grounds for it.  New Zealand lags many of its trading partners with respect to addressing e-waste issues.
Image: Wikimedia Commons.

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