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One of the reasons why Ecotech Services was founded was because there is a need to protect the environment from issues arising from manufacturing, using, and disposing of technological items that use electricity. Of these issues e-waste is by far the largest, especially because it is becoming an increasing portion of the waste stream.

The social issue of conflict minerals used in manufacturing electronics products began surfacing in the 2010s.  This is yet another reason to look closely at the impact we are having on others through our action or inaction.

What we do

Ecotech Services aims for the aspirational goal of zero e-waste to landfill.  As well as helping others reduce the effect they have on the environment we also try to minimise the environmental footprint of our own business activity.

What the government should do

The New Zealand Government should follow what some of our major trading partners are doing with respect to e-waste and enact legislation to address the problem of high e-waste volumes.  We actively advocate for any public policy that aims to reduce the volume of e-waste going to landfill and recommend product stewardship for all e-waste with a deposit refund system as an effective means of achieving high rates of e-waste recycling.

What you should do

As a consumer you have a part to play in reducing the environmental impact of using any sort of electrical, electronic, or computer product.  To do this it may be as simple as foregoing the purchase of the latest mobile phone, or having an appliance repaired rather than discarding it.


Reduce, repair, reuse, repurpose, refurbish, recycle.