Electrical appliance safety testing

Ecotech Services now offers electrical safety testing (test and tag) for plug in appliances both on site and delivered to our workshop.  This is a logical extension to the work that we have been doing to date.

Alan Liefting, the founder and Managing Director of Ecotech Services, has extensive experience with the safety of electrical appliances: “About 99% of the safety issues can be discovered with a visual inspection.  The other 1% are picked up with PAT testing and knowledge of appliance reliability.”

Anecdotal evidence and first hand experiences by Alan Liefting suggests that  there are a number of “cowboys” carrying out electrical safety testing.  Ecotech Services is committed to offering a high quality service and improving electrical safety rather than maximising profits.

See our electrical safety testing services page and the electrical safety page in our knowledge base for more information.

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