Can’t buy these as spare parts

I was looking at repairing a Panasonic microwave oven yesterday.  Customer said it went bang.  Yep!  It went bang! The current sense resistor in the switch mode power supply had gone splat all over the PCB.  The  control ic has probably gone.  I didn’t bother to check it.  It is pretty much a given that it is shorted.  It is one of those eight pin jobs.  To me it is always a big ask to have over 300 volts pumping through one of these piddly little ic’s. I suppose it  works ok because there are millions and millions of these little babies doing their job perfectly well for years and years all over the place.

So I looked up the specs on the ic.  It is a MIP2K4 made by Matsushita.  When I got to the end of the data sheet I came across this:

That left me spluttering!  The buggers at Matsushita only sell them to Japanese companies! And I bet it has to be in production quantities.

Big sigh…..  Another bit of gear that I can’t repair down to component level.

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