This photo shows what a power surge can do. The fuse in this microwave oven absorbed so much energy that the end cap of it completely vapourised and shunted it along the fuse holder.

A photo showing a 20=5mm ceramic fuse with a vapourised end cap.

(check out the hardware bug)

The body of the ceramic fuse remained intact which is what it is supposed to do

It looks like the power surge was between live and earth because the capacitor (next to the fuse in the photo) had a very small eruption visible on its body.  It measured as 4nF and it is supposed to be 4.7nF.  The corresponding capacitor on the neutral side of the filter measured correctly as 4.7nF.  They are an X1/Y2 rated capacitor (as what would be expected) and it looks like it took the surge pretty well.

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