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About Alan Liefting

Alan Liefting is the founder, a shareholder, and the Managing Director of Ecotech Services. The views expressed here are his own and do not necessarily represent those of Ecotech Services Ltd.

Too far gone

I couldn’t save this calculator. It was too far gone! The leaky battery corroded a lot of the PCB tracks. Scrapped. RIP.

Conductive glue

Some manufacturers are just not learning from past manufacturing mistakes.  Or they just don’t care about how long the stuff they make will last. One of the faults with some electronic equipment is a glue used in manufacturing that becomes … Continue reading

Handy reference chart for plug pinouts

<humour> This is a reference chart for plug pinouts. We can rely on xkcd to give us some good, reliable information. </humour>

A costly calculator repair

This MS-7LA calculator came in for recycling last year. It did not power on. It is the holidays at present so I thought I would do some holiday hobby work (repairing things is one of my hobbies). I undid the … Continue reading

A waste of time

These brand new mains cables came in for recycling. Not only was it a waste of time test and tagging brand new cables but they ended up with us for recycling. We get hundreds of these cables both new and … Continue reading

Electrical tape and extension cords

This cable came in as part of a whole bunch of other stuff from an IT company. Not sure why someone would want to make one of these.  The mains plug to IEC connector is pretty easy to get hold … Continue reading

Rubbish manufacturing

Had a no name brand battery charger come in for recycling.  I set it up on the bench to test it.  It powered up but after a bit it turned off.  I took the thing apart.  Pretty easy to do.  … Continue reading

Water and electricity

This is one of the reasons why this type of mains plug should not be used in wet areas. It had arced between phase, neutral, and earth when wet, which carbonised the plastic of the plug. The other reason is … Continue reading

Unsafe solar controller

This solar controller came in for recycling. Notice the New Zealand mains plug used as part of the wiring.  This is potentially dangerous.  There is a possibility that it could be plugged into 230V AC mains power.  At best it … Continue reading

Some bad typos

When I see typos on something that has been produced by the thousands I wonder about the quality of the item. We came across this BTC keyboard box that has two really serious typos. “Mothee board”!  “powct supply”! How can … Continue reading