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About Alan Liefting

Alan Liefting is the founder, a shareholder, and the Managing Director of Ecotech Services. The views expressed here are his own and do not necessarily represent those of Ecotech Services Ltd.

Good on you Dell

We get a lot of brand new monitor stands in for recycling.  It seems that companies buy monitors and stick them straight on to monitor arms.  I was thinking that the manufacturers should sell the monitors without stands.  This would … Continue reading

A real dodgy modification

I came across this real dodgy modification. This plug board came in for recycling. The original cord has been replaced with one that has no earth. Also, the replacement cable is the older two core type without an outer sheath. … Continue reading

What is this ATX power supply rating?

Thomas came across this Thermal Master TM-350-PMSR ATX power supply: Maximum output power is given as 350W but if we add up all of the individual output power ratings we get this: 12V x 10A = 120W 5V x 14A … Continue reading

Can’t buy these as spare parts

I was looking at repairing a Panasonic microwave oven yesterday.  Customer said it went bang.  Yep!  It went bang! The current sense resistor in the switch mode power supply had gone splat all over the PCB.  The  control ic has … Continue reading

Leunig, life and e-waste

It is a very good question! We get a lot of this sort of stuff coming in for recycling. Maybe our customers are trying to avoid that question?  I know that I don’t want to be asked that sort of … Continue reading

Peter’s homemade e-bike

Check out Peter’s homemade e-bike.The battery pack housing is from a recycled NZ Post e-bike battery that Peter repacked with recycled 18650 cells.  The battery pack housing and the 18650s are from us here at Ecotech Services.  Peter sourced the … Continue reading

Bad design on a Megger MIT220

I had a Megger MIT220 meter come in for repair from Dells Appliances, our related company.  It was not giving a reading.  It was an easy fix. The wire had broken of the test lead terminal inside the meter. After … Continue reading

Bad USB cables

It is really annoying that manufacturers cut their production costs by leaving out two of the wires.  A USB cable is supposed to carry power AND data.


This week is Techweek, an annual talkfest here in New Zealand about the future of technology.  But there is something that they are not talking about.  I’ll jabber on a bit before making my point. I like technology. Especially electronics. … Continue reading

Spare parts suppliers

The electronics repair industry in New Zealand has been in decline for the past two or three decades for various reasons including  the flood of cheap commodity goods, poor support from the manufacturers, and rapidly changing technology. One indication of … Continue reading