(For information on what we recycle for our clients see this recycling page.)

Crystal_Clear_mimetype_recycle symbolAs well as recycling incoming items for our clients we also carry out as much in-house recycling as possible. We avoid the use of the Christchurch City Council kerbside recycling wheelie bin since only about 70% of its contents are actually recycled.

Some of our current recycling procedures include:

  • Die-cut foldable boxes are unfolded and saved for reuse
  • Packaging is saved for reuse
  • Cardboard goes to a cardboard recycling service
  • If appropriate, printing is done on the reverse side of used paper
  • Laser printer paper is recycled separately to other paper
  • Refilled toner cartridges are used and any which cannot be refurbished are taken in for shredding at a specialist toner supply company
  • Old paint pails and cardboard banana boxes are used for interim sorting stages and for storage
  • Where possible second hand, discarded, or repairable plant and equipment is obtained rather than purchasing new items
  • Food waste goes into a garden compost bin

There is always more that can be done but sometimes it is a compromise between the cost (and time) and the benefits achieved.

We also have a range of other measures that reduce our impact on the environment.


Reduce, repair, reuse, repurpose, refurbish, recycle.