While we do not actively solicit it we encourage our customers to give us feedback, both positive and negative, as a means of improving our service and as a service to any of our potential customers.

There are a number of methods that you can use to place and view feedback:

  • Ecotech Services shop: if you make any purchases from our online shop you are able to review the product or service
  • Email: can be used to provide feedback that is not visible to others
  • Yellow: a New Zealand based directory  that allows reviews
  • My Tradesman: a New Zealand based review service
  • No Cowboys: a New Zealand based review service
  • Trustpilot: an international, community driven review service
  • InfoisInfo: a company search facility that lets you leave reviews
  • Facebook: post information to your own timeline, to a page, a group, or on the Ecotech Services Facebook page (visible to anyone who visits it)
  • Trade Me: for purchases you make via Trade Me only.  Anyone can view our existing feedback.
  • StarOfService: feedback page
  • Google search: gives a range of information about us and lets you add a review via your Google account

You can also use this form to give us feedback: