While we do not actively solicit it we encourage our customers to give us feedback, both positive and negative, as a means of improving our service and as a service to any of our potential customers.

There are a number of websites that you can use to place and view feedback:

  • Ecotech Services shop: if you make any purchases from our online shop you are able to review the product or service
  • Email: can be used to provide feedback that is not visible to others
  • Yellow: a New Zealand based directory  that allows reviews
  • My Tradesman: a New Zealand based review service
  • No Cowboys: a New Zealand based review service
  • Trustpilot: an international, community driven review service
  • InfoisInfo: a company search facility that lets you leave reviews
  • Facebook: post information to your own timeline, to a page, a group, or on the Ecotech Services Facebook page (visible to anyone who visits it)
  • Trade Me: for purchases you make via Trade Me only.  Anyone can view our existing feedback.
  • StarOfService: feedback page
  • Google search: gives a range of information about us and lets you add a review via your Google account

You can also use this form to give us feedback:

This is a selection of feedback messages that we have received which is not easily accessible by the public.

Feedback via email

“Thanks for sorting the problem out which as it turned out was a minor fault. This has saved me over $600 for a whole new assembly which was the solution provided by the technician. It is great that you support the need to repair rather than replace and I wonder how much of these simply sorted problems end up being dumped because the technicians are insufficiently skilled to sort them out. I am very pleased to have found you on my Google search.” – Charles (May 2020)

“Thank you very much for replacing pc and putting in the gaming disc, my son loves it and thank you for the we present he loves it, he even took it to school to show his friends, so thank you from us you made his day.” Loren (October 2020)

“The package arrived this morning I commend you on
The great service . Thanks” – Steve (January 2021)

“Thanks so much for the great service.
Glen did a great job fitting those huge tv’s in the van.
Much appreciate the price, it is great to know the tv’s have been recycled, reused rather than going to the dump. You are doing a great job.
Will recommend you to others when I have opportunity. ” – Karen (April 2021)

” i need to support you as much as possible – you do awesome work.”  – David (June 2021)

“Speakers have arrived, sound brilliant, cheers bro ” – Karl (April 2022)

Feedback via Facebook

“Our venerable old oscilloscope unexpectedly stopped working. We did a little bit of diagnosis and decided that the power supply was dead. Options: 1. Throw it away and buy a new one. 2. Take it to Alan Liefting at Ecotech Services Ltd! I dropped it off and a couple of hours later got a call to come and pick it up because it was all fixed! Great service and another piece of equipment saved from landfill. Nice work guys!” – Felix (February 2022)

Big shout out to Alan Liefting and the team at Ecotech services in Christchurch for helping me get my old Apple Mac G4 cube powering up again. Haven’t used it since 2009!”
– Grace (February 2022)

Feedback on Neighbourly

“Eco-tech in Sydenham is a fantastic business that recycles computers and appliances (that would otherwise go to landfill) for sale at really affordable prices. They do a great job and even offer warranties for free on many of their products. I bought one of their repaired laptops a while ago and have had no issues with it. Laptops are required for study these days, making university etc inaccessible for those on lower incomes. Eco-tech provides an affordable option for these people as well as being eco-friendly! They really deserve to be recognized for all the efforts they put in.” – Emma (February 2021)

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