Ecotech Services has a strong environmental ethic and we put a lot of effort into minimising any negative effects on the environment, but as well as being environmentally sustainable we must ensure that we remain economically sustainable.

As well as recycling items for our clients we carry out as much in-house recycling as possible. Some other environmental protection measures that we take include:

  • minimising water use
  • minimising energy use
  • minimising waste to landfill
  • recycling, selling, or giving away unneeded items rather than discarding them
  • carrying out all repair and recycling work on cleanable, impervious surfaces
  • not burning any waste unless the combustion products are environmentally benign (e.g. wood and paper)

Ecotech Services intends to obtain suitable environmental certification at some stage but our current focus is on the actual task of minimising the quantity of e-waste going to landfill.  In 2014 we completed an Envirostep environmental performance questionnaire and it only gave a mere 34% ranking.  It is a poor test of our performance but we hope to improve on this figure in future years.


The environment - worth saving.

The environment – worth saving.
Devils Punchbowl Waterfall, Arthur’s Pass, New Zealand.
Image: Alan Liefting.

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