Ecotech Services requires certification for some of our activities as a legal requirement.  There are other activities where certification is available but are of little use to us at this stage.

Carrying out repairs and refurbishment of the mains powered sections of electrical and electronic equipment requires electrical registration.  All employees who do this work are registered with the Electrical Workers Registration Board.

Selling second hand equipment for more than six days per year requires a licence.  Ecotech Services is a licensed second hand dealer, and staff involved with second hand items are certified.

There are no specific legal requirements for certification of a recycling business but some aspects of it are covered by a range of local and central government legislation.

Exporting some e-waste requires a permit under the Basel Convention.  Currently Ecotech Services uses companies that have a Basel Convention permit for any material that is exported.  Also, we treat exports of e-waste not covered by the Basel Convention as if they are covered by it.

There are a number of certifications that Ecotech Services could sign up to but the time and expense needed is too great. Some examples are carboNZero, and CEMARS.  The is also standards such as ISO 14000, AS/NZS 5377:2013.  We work towards, or exceed, the standards that they set.

At this stage in the growth of Ecotech Services we do not have any auditing carried out by third part organisations.  The scale of our activities is such that informal auditing is sufficient and our systems can easily allow auditing to be carried out and backdated.